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Mayo Clinic Florida
4500 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224-1865
Code: 33651
NMS Code: 598452
Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2)
Critical Care Pharmacy
Accreditation Status: Accredited
Residency Program Director: Robert M Darracott, Pharm.D.
(904) 956-1719
Fax: (904) 956-1724
Director of Pharmacy: Elizabeth C Ventresca, Pharm.D.
(904) 956-1719
Fax: (904) 956-1724
Program Contact: Robert M Darracott, Pharm.D.
(904) 956-1719
Fax: (904) 956-1724
Residency Information:
Duration/Type: 12 month residency
Number of Positions: 1
Application Deadline: 1/5/2014
Starting Date: Approximately July 1
Estimated Stipend: $43,000
Interview Required: Yes
Residency Special Features:   This Mayo Clinic PGY2 Pharmacy Residency provides training and education focused on care of the critically ill patient, practice management, and pharmaceutical investigation. The program prepares clinicians for clinical specialist positions in critical care and non-tenure clinical faculty appointments. Comprehensive practice training utilizing the Residency Learning System focuses learning and ensures goal achievement. Required areas of instruction and practice are: Medical Critical Care, Nutrition, Surgical Critical Care, Transplant Acute Care, Transplant Critical Care, Nutrition, Surgical Critical Care, Transplant Acute Care, Transplant Critical Care, and Pharmaceutical Investigation.
Fringe Benefits:   Ten vacation days (including 5 holidays); 10 professional leave days (includes education time and expenses at ASHP Mid-Year and Southeastern Residency Conference); major medical, dental and life insurance, short-term disability.
Special Requirements for Acceptance:   Pharm.D. from an accredited college of pharmacy; academic transcripts; curriculum vitae; three completed reference forms (two must be from a professional contact, e.g. professor, preceptor, supervisor); completion of accredited PGY1 residency; current pharmacist license; Florida licensure eligibility. All candidates must register with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Resident Matching Program. Applicants considered for an appointment will be invited to visit Mayo Clinic for a personal interview with the program director and selected faculty. An interview can be arranged only when your application file is complete. U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Immigrant Status is required for admission to the Pharmacy-Post Graduate Year One Residency. Applicants offered admission to MSHS programs must also comply with prevailing institutional policies and procedures.
Training Site Type: Hospital/Ambulatory Care
Owner Affiliate: Private
Model Type(s): Teaching, Tertiary
Tax Status: Nonprofit
Professional Staff: 43, expanding to 53 by April 2014
Non-Professional Staff: 36, expanding to 43 by April, 2014
Number of Medical Centers: 1
Total Beds: 214, expanding to 304 by April 2014
Site Special Features:   Mayo Clinic in Florida employs 5,000 individuals, including over 400 physicians and scientists and over 380 residents, fellow, and students. It first opened in 1986 as an extension of Mayo Clinic Rochester. Inpatient services are provided at Mayo Clinic hospital, a state-of-the art facility. Mayo Clinic in Florida is a national cancer center and offers a comprehensive transplant program, including bone-marrow, heart-lung, kidney, pancreas, and one of the leading liver transplant programs in the nation. Pharmaceutical care is provided through specialized pharmacists utilizing advanced automation and technology in a point of care, team-based practice model.

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