Residency Listing

Community Medical Center
2827 Fort Missoula Rd.
Missoula, MT 59804
Code: 84100
NMS Code: 124513
Postgraduate Year One (PGY1)
Accreditation Status: Accredited
Residency Program Director: Michael P Rivey, M.S., BCPS, FASHP
(406) 243-6796
Fax: (406) 243-4353
Director of Pharmacy: Rod O'Gorman
(406) 327-4299 x4041
Fax: (406) 327-4550
Residency Information:
Duration/Type: 12 mo. residency
Number of Positions: 2
Application Deadline: 2019-01-07
Starting Date: 2019-07-01
Estimated Stipend: 47500
Interview Required: Yes
Residency Special Features:   The PGY1 pharmacy residency at Community Medical Center is professionally affiliated with the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy (UM). The program has rotations in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Ambulatory Care, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Orthopedics/Pain Management pharmacy, and is flexible to residents' interests. Electives available in NICU, pediatrics, oncology, infectious disease, and emergency department pharmacy. Longitudinal rotation in education, with opportunity for small group instruction and preceptorship for Pharm.D. program at UM; Teaching Certificate offered. Professional development funds provided for travel. Involvement in all pharmacy-related programs at site.
Fringe Benefits:   Medical/dental/life insurance; paid annual leave of approximately 160 hrs to include sick leave and personal time; professional leave/travel support for travel to Midyear and Residents' Conferences.
Special Requirements for Acceptance:   Cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcript, Pharm.D. degree or equivalent, 3 letters of reference, employment application to hospital site (completed after selection), licensed or eligible for licensure in Montana.
Model Type(s): Community Acute Care Hospital
Tax Status: Profit
Professional Staff: 17
Non-Professional Staff: 8
Site Special Features:   The hospital is located in Missoula, a dynamic and culturally diverse university town in a year-around recreation area surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The hospital is a primary APPE site for the UM, maintaining an educationally stimulating residency environment. Residents will interact closely with active clinical pharmacy programs, a family practice physician residency program, and private practice physicians.