Residency Listing

Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, San Diego Pharmacy Operation
10990 San Diego Mission Road, 3rd Floor
Pharmacy Operations
San Diego, CA 92108
Code: 92074
NMS Code: 685060
Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2)
Oncology Pharmacy
Accreditation Status: Accredited
Residency Program Director: Andrea Chan, Pharm.D., BCOP
(619) 528-3932
Director of Pharmacy: Louise I Lu, Pharm.D.
(619) 641-4370
Fax: (619) 641-4242
Residency Information:
Duration/Type: 12 mo residency
Number of Positions: 1
Application Deadline: 01/9/2014
Starting Date: 07/01/2015
Interview Required: Yes
Residency Special Features:   Kaiser San Diego PGY2 Oncology Pharmacy residency is designed to advance resident’s  leadership qualities and the clinical knowledge needed for a complete pharmaceutical care for oncology patients in the inpatient and ambulatory care settings. Pharmacist completing the residency program will be proficient in drug therapy management and medication  education as a member of an integrated health care team.  
Pharmacist resident will be involved in drug therapy management as a member of the care team and exercises skill in educating others regarding hematology/oncology medication management.  Resident will also receive training in oncology research, drug information, teaching certificate program and formulary management training at our SCAL pharmacy operation headquarters.  
Fringe Benefits:   We offer a comprehensive benefit package with 2 weeks of paid vacation, 6 paid holidays,seminars and reimbursement for off-site experiences.
Special Requirements for Acceptance:   Please visit for specific program details, including qualifications and program-specific application materials that need to be uploaded to PhORCAS.
Training Site Type: IHO (Integrated Healthcare Organization)
Owner Affiliate: Managed Care - Kaiser Permanente
Model Type(s): Group Practice/Acute Care
Tax Status: Nonprofit
Professional Staff: 200
Non-Professional Staff: 320
Number of Medical Centers: 22
Total Beds: 395
Average Daily Census: 375
Site Special Features:   This one-year PGY2 Oncology Residency Program at Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center provides a diverse and comprehensive training for oncology pharmacy practice in the nation’s largest Integrated Healthcare system.  The resident will have the opportunity to work in two Ambulatory Care Pharmacies and one Inpatient Pharmacy environment under provider collaborative agreement.  They will also receive direct training from Kaiser SCAL clinical trials team as well as presentation and formulary management training at Kaiser SCAL Pharmacy Operation headquarters.