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The purpose of the ASHP accreditation program is to identify and grant public recognition to practice sites having pharmacy residency training programs that have been evaluated and found to meet the qualifications of one of the Society’s residency accreditations standards. Thus, accreditation of a pharmacy residency program by the Society provides a means of assurance to residency applicants that a program meets certain basic requirements and is, therefore, an acceptable site for postgraduate training in pharmacy practice in organized health care. More...

Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service opens November 3rd each residency year. PhORCAS

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The online directory includes Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) pharmacy programs and Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) pharmacy residency programs. With few exceptions, residency programs participate in ASHP's Resident Matching Program. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check with the programs that you are interested in to check if they participate in the Match. All residency applicants should become familiar with the Resident Matching Program. The directory provides uniform information about each accredited residency, and also lists information about residency programs in practice sites that have submitted accreditation applications but for which accreditation is still pending, i.e. programs with an accreditation status of pre-candidate, candidate or preliminary. Such residencies are not accredited and their listing in the Directory has no bearing on whether or not they may eventually be accredited.

It is intended that the Directory will be useful primarily to pharmacy students and pharmacists who are interested in applying for admission to ASHP-accredited residency programs. The user is urged to review the Guide to Use of the Directory before attempting to interpret the condensed information in the listings of the individual residency programs.

The information listed in this Directory reflects our most current records. If the information in your listing is not correct, please contact ASHP Accreditation Services Division at (301) 664-8645 or

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